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Managing director: Frank Welzel

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27751 Delmenhorst
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Legal Terms
Internet usage conditions of Log-Cons GmbH

1. General use / content

The use and the call of Log-Cons GmbH site is subject to the following conditions. Contrary conditions person recognizes Log-Cons GmbH, unless it would otherwise expressly agreed in writing. These conditions apply to all ingredients and content of the online offer of Log-Cons GmbH website.

We (Log-Cons GmbH and its partners) assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information on these pages. Liability claims against us because any damage caused by the use of the site or to the use of published information, directly or indirectly, are generally excluded, insofar as no wilful or gross negligence. This also applies to sites which our pages per “link” can be reached.
All offers are non-binding. We expressly reserve the content of the sites at any time and without prior notice to change, add to or delete

2. Copyrights

All rights in the design and content of this site will remain with the Log-Cons GmbH, and is subject to copyright and other laws to protect intellectual property. Copying and downloading the site, or parts of it is only for private use by the user, provided that Log-Cons GmbH is not the user to another calling behaviour (for example, at the request of certain forms or download information). In any case, reproduction, modification or other use for commercial purposes, in particular the passing of pay, prohibited.

3. The use and disclosure of personal data and earmarking

Log-Cons GmbH will use your personal data for the sole purpose of technical administration of the Web sites, customer management, product surveys and marketing, only to the extent necessary in each case. Surveys and / or transmission of personal data to government agencies and authorities only in the context of compelling national legislation. Our staff are we bound to secrecy.

4. References

From the content of other Web sites to which links or hyperlinks exist, the Log-Cons GmbH and convinced nothing there Unlawful recognized. Among the links, however, to “live” links. The Log-Cons GmbH is not obligated to the content to which reference is constantly changes. Only when found or by others that a concrete offer, which is a link, possibly a civil or criminal liability, the Log-Cons GmbH repeal this reference, to the extent that it is technically feasible and reasonable. It is pointed out that the Log-Cons GmbH no influence on the design and content of the linked pages on our website. For this reason distances itself Log-Cons GmbH of all the editorial content and accountability regarding all linked pages of Log-Cons GmbH homepage. All references and links are made exclusively to non-binding information and service purposes, but the Log-Cons GmbH their own content.


The entry of personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) is at our sides basically voluntary. The use of the services offered is also without disclosing such data or by giving anonymous data or a pseudonym. We reserve the individual records (eg invalid contact information) without citing reasons, or without a separate notice to remove, alter or amend, even though we are striving to advance users to contact. With the input of any data and the uploading (upload) attachments of any kind, as well as the transmission by post or e-mail explains the user fully agree with the storage and use until his revocation. The user can delete his profile information at any time via the login data which is only known to him. For reasons of tax law, Log Cons GmbH reserves the right, in the case of the deletion of a profile, to store the essential data of the user as well as the data not deleted by the user. The essential data are: name, first name and email address

6. No liability for incorrect information

Even if we assume that the information and contents are accurate, they may still contain errors or inaccuracies. Log-Cons GmbH is not liable for the accuracy of information and content on the website of Log-Cons GmbH or consequences from the use of information and content may have caused. This information is presented solely from service reasons. In particular, no monitoring duties or obligations, contractual business partners Log-Cons GmbH are transmitted through existing service offerings of Log-Cons GmbH site permanently. There is no guarantee, either express or implied.

7. Technical Problems

The Log-Cons GmbH is not responsible for technical failures, as well as failures that are outside the influence of the Log-Cons GmbH.

8. The password-protected access to or –saved pages

Access to and use of password-protected or otherwise secured pages of this site is permitted only to authorized persons.

9. Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

For the use of the site of Log-Cons GmbH German law applies exclusively. Jurisdiction for all disputes is Bremen, Germany.