Mergers & Acquisitions

If your logistics company is planning a takeover, a merger, a purchase or a sale, our consultants will be at your side to advise you. We support your M&A processes to become
successful, profitable and a contribution to your company’s growth. In the first step, we assist you in finding a suitable takeover or merging partner. Finally, we evaluate the potential target company together on the basis of strategic factors such as turnover, growth and synergies.


We help to accompany your corporate merger througout complex transactions and secure its economic success through increasing turnover, market share and growth.


Together, we evaluate all chances and risks to create a basis for negotiations with the intended candidates. Once it comes to an agreement, we conduct a final meeting with both parties in the first step, before the actual merger or acquisition agreement can be drawn up by a lawyer or the legal department. After a contract has been signed, we keep on supporting you on all organizational and cultural matters during the integration phase.